Package de.winterdrache.layout

Interface Summary
MSBLayout.Constraints Every box in an MSBLayout is associated with a Constraints object that controls the sizing and placement behaviour of the box.
MSBLayout.MutableConstraints Extends the (read-only) Constraints interface with methods to modify the constraints.

Class Summary
Examples This class contains the code for all examples used in MSBLayout's javadoc to make sure they all compile and work.
MSBLayout MSBLayout is a LayoutManager that combines the nested-boxes approach of BoxLayout with flexible constraints as used by GridBagLayout, but surpasses both its spiritual parents in flexibility and ease of use.
MSBLayout.ConstraintsFactory When a new box is added to an MSBLayout without an accompanying Constraints object, MSBLayout uses a ConstraintsFactory to provide the Constraints.
MSBLayout.ConstraintsImpl A straightforward implementation of the MutableConstraints interface.
MSBLayout.Gap The Gap class contains constants that can be used as margin constraints instead of fixed pixel values to get automatic context-dependent gaps.

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