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Uses of MSBLayout in de.winterdrache.layout

Methods in de.winterdrache.layout that return MSBLayout
 MSBLayout MSBLayout.autobreak()
          Similar to leavebox(), but if an autobox(String) is active, the repetition count of the box that is being left is immediately reduced to 0 and the box will not be repeated.
 MSBLayout MSBLayout.autostop()
          Stops all autobox(String) processing if any is active.
 MSBLayout MSBLayout.remove(Component comp)
          Removes comp from the Container this MSBLayout is LayoutManager for and sets the insert cursor to the old position of comp in the box hierarchy, so that adding a new component immediately after removing comp will result in replacing comp.
 MSBLayout MSBLayout.setConstraintsFactory(MSBLayout.ConstraintsFactory factory)
          Sets the provided factory as the new ConstraintsFactory for this MSBLayout.
 MSBLayout MSBLayout.setContainer(Container containerToLayout)
          Tells this MSBLayout that containerToLayout is the Container for which the MSBLayout will be used.
 MSBLayout MSBLayout.setLayoutStyle(LayoutStyle style)
          (Swing and AWT) Sets the LayoutStyle this MSBLayout instance should use for translating context-dependent margin values as specified by the Gap constants into actual pixel values.
 MSBLayout MSBLayout.setSingleBoxJustifyBehaviour(float halign, float valign, int hfill, int vfill)
          Configures how to deal with the situation of a single box whose alignment is set to -1 (meaning "justify").

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